Sewing Workshop

Sewing  Workshop
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Price: £10.00
This class is open to all past students of the school who are looking to either catch up for an evening with each other and/ or get some guidance on a sewing project you are currently undertaking where you feel you might benefit from some extra help. The course tutor will be on hand to assist and advise regarding any sewing issues you may have.
The spaces are limited to six per class and are booked on a first come first served basis – you can book your place in advance however if you would like to join a class on more than one occasion. A nominal charge of £10 is levied for the use of the workspace and machines etc., however students must bring their own scissors, pins etc.
Please note that due to the class size restrictions no cutting out of fabric is to be undertaken, however guidance can be given by the class tutor by way of a demonstration.  NEW DATES COMING SOON


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